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Rango - 43 Rattlesnake Jake Icons

IT'S ICON TIME BOYS AND GIRLS. soulless_snake requested these actually I offered to make them for him but SHUSH, fourty-three icons of Rattlesnake Jake from Rango. <3 Enjoy!

[43] Rango (Rattlesnake Jake)
+Feel free to use icons for a base if you want to make an icon with text or effects (no credit necessary!)
+Credit for use of the icons is appreciated but not necessary~


You got killer in your eyes, son...Collapse )

Strange case of the Musebox

So here's something weird...

Not too long ago I opened a Musebox, and made a post with one of my homeless muses. I ended up getting a lot of response with a bunch of really good threads, and the comment total ended up being over 150...

Then I made a second post, and that got absolutely no response whatsoever. Not a single reply.
Was it because the character that made the second post was an Original Character? Did no one want to thread with her just because they didn't already know who she was? I would think that would be more incentive to reply to her, in order to learn more about the her, but...
I don't know. I found that really strange.
I don't think canon characters should be special attention or treatment over original characters, or vice versa. They all deserve a chance...
Oh well. Maybe it was just a fluke, and I just need to post again with a different character for now, or have someone else post and keep things going.

Oh yeah, speaking of, if you aren't already invited to my Musebox and you'd like to be, just let me know!


Yeah I got my OWN account more userpics at long last
plus a TV head
closest thing they had to a robot head

aaand now I'm going back to playing New Vegas 8U



OH BOY I just got back from Animazement 2011 in downtown Raleigh.
CRAZY BUT AWESOME. Well mostly awesome.
I'll be posting pictures in this entry at modified sizes, so if you wanna see the original photo plus extras I didn't post here go check out the Photobucket album!


Pokemon Black Update #2!

So now I'm in Castelia City! Oh man, this is like... the coolest thing I've ever seen in a Pokemon game, it looks so awesome. It's a little confusing to navigate at first but once you wander around a bit you get the hang of it pretty quickly. Since I got the Liberty Pass off the Nintendo Wi-Fi when it was available, I did the Liberty Island event and got Victini~ She'll really help me with Burgh's gym, which I'm on right now.



Click this cut or face CERTAIN DOOM, EARTH MONKEY!!Collapse )

Pokemon Black Update!

I'm now in Nacrene City, leveling up before I go take on Lenora. Even the trainers in her gym are kinda tough. I wanted to go to Pinwheel Forest and catch some Bug types but it won't let me 'til I beat her, bluh. Also, added Woobat to my team~ WE CAN'T STOP HERE THIS IS HEART BAT COUNTRY.



So I figured as well keep track of my progress and mons and stuff here, in case anyone's curious. Might be fun.

Right now I'm on Route 3, beat the first Gym, and caught pretty much everything possible so far. But here's who I've got~
POKEMONCollapse )
Tora Yakari (Tora)
    Well, today I went out for lunch, then went to the bookstore and bought a book of Lovecraft stories, and then my mother lost her credit card.

    I think Nyarlathotep stole it.
nyctotheory (Azerune)
    What would he need with that?
Tora Yakari 
    Maybe he really wanted a Nintendo Wii.
    Does he not have followers who do his every bidding?
Tora Yakari 
    Maybe the followers are all Microsoft fanboys.
    That explains so much.

"Cherry" - a Regular Show fanfiction

Title: Cherry
Author: Tora Yakari
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Alcohol use, characters getting drunk, some mildly sexual romance.
Characters: Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, and a nameless girl who isn't really an OC. She's just... whoever you want her to be, really.
Pairings: Benson / His Girlfriend who has no name and isn't another gumball machine
Summary: On a snowy winter day, Benson tries to spend the night with someone special. However, Mordecai and Rigby ask for something in return in order to leave him alone.
Author Notes: This might be the first real fanfic I've written in maybe three years. So why Regular Show? ... Honestly, just because I got this really amusing idea after talking to genaleah about Benson's character, and because I feel bad for him, especially after he was essentially raped in the recent episode "The Unicorns Have Got To Go". The poor guy needs some lovin'. I'm also preparing just to get back into writing in general, since I'm planning a big combination writing and illustration project in the future. Special thanks to my beta readers, Azerune and Kasushinbai.

Feedback is appreciated. Thank you for reading!

11/9/2010: Title changed to avoid confusion due to the episode "Don". For those who see this in the future, this story was written about two weeks before the episode "Don" aired, and the original title of this story was "Sugar" ... Yeeeeah... Have an innuendo title now instead of a confusing one.

I smell sex and candy... Mama, this surely is a dreamCollapse )